Steve Tharaldson

Loan Officer Assistant


Dedicated. Patient. Funny.

With a history of over 17 years in the banking industry, Steve Tharaldson rounds out the team as Loan Officer Assistant. He enjoys the role he plays in helping people follow the American Dream and become homeowners or investment property owners. He finds it rewarding to help clients navigate the process with a sense of confidence and see them joyfully gain keys to their new property.

Since his youth, Steve has enjoyed camping trips, now with Crow Wing State Park near Brainerd as a favorite family destination. Having just gotten into the sport of remote control cars, he is finding plenty of access to open spaces, mounds of dirt, and boards to jump with his new hobby. His home workshop allows space for woodworking, building, and repairing. Welding will be next!

Steve and his wife, Sara, are blessed with two daughters, ages 8 and 13. They all enjoy their pets: a Cockatiel, Storm, a Conure (smaller parrot), Olive, and their dog, Bailey, a Cavapoo (mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle).

Residing in Champlin, Minnesota, offers advantages for Steve and his family because it’s far enough out of the Twin Cities to be quiet, yet close enough to feel like they’re still in the metro. What’s unique about Steve? He had six wisdom teeth, and says that, unfortunately, he was not any wiser because of it!

Steve’s professional goal is to learn as much as he can, and eventually become a Loan Officer. That’s added proof that he truly enjoys his contribution to this team and their customers. He also has a lofty item on his bucket list: sky diving!