Erin Kline

Personal Mortgage Consultant
Smart Financing

Your Mortgage Banker in Minnesota & Beyond


Ready to start thinking about buying a house or investment property? We know you’ve got questions…

How much do I need for a down payment? Is getting the best rate the most important factor? How much can I qualify for and what are the terms? What if I have a house to sell as part of the process? What if I’m buying a property in another state?

We can help you with the answers to these questions and more in a confidential, step-by-step process. As a Minnesota-based mortgage team within the Alerus network, we have access to a wide range of funding sources which allows us to find the best options for each specific situation across 48 states. We can confidently guide you with our 30+ years of experience.


  • First-time home buyers
  • People buying their dream home or vacation property
  • Veterans
  • Investors
  • New construction buyers
  • Owners refinancing their properties
  • Buyers of multi-home properties with up to 4 units
  • Buyers in all U.S. states, except Hawaii and Alaska

Since 1990, Erin Kline has built her career on serving individuals and families with a high level of trust, expertise, and integrity. She respects her customers’ time, discusses objectives, and explains the process. Her goal is always to help buyers choose the best mortgage solution for their unique situation. With her years of experience, she simplifies complicated mortgage terms and makes sure your purchase strategy aligns with your financial goals.

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It’s That Simple!

Erin Kline will ask the right questions to understand your priorities to offer the best solutions for your financial future. Buying real estate can be stressful, and Erin has a calming, confident presence. Because each person’s situation is unique, it’s never a one-size-fits-all solution.

Erin and her team take the time needed to get it right the first time. A deep understanding of the mortgage industry paired with a healthy dose of neighborly commitment is how Erin shines. She wants you to feel confident that your mortgage will align with your goals and future financial success.

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"Erin saved our transaction! She came in when our transaction was in jeopardy and fell through with another bank and brought it over the finish line.... ON TIME... from the original close date. And she came into the situation very late. She is ON TOP of her game! She does not miss any details and keeps you informed all along the way. There were no doubts once Erin was involved! THANK YOU!" —Lori Westbay

Working with Erin was a pleasure all the way through. It really doesn’t get any better. Erin was very responsive and quick to answer any and all questions I had. Her industry experience was clearly evident in the way she communicated sometimes difficult mortgage terms and concepts in a clear and transparent fashion. Most importantly to me, Erin was very up front and honest throughout the entire process. She has earned my trust and respect, which I believe is crucial. If you’re in the market for a mortgage loan I highly recommend Erin Kline.

– A. Balck

Erin is the best. She made my home purchase process smooth and easy. Purchasing a new construction home is a little different, and she made sure I knew how everything was going to work now, and in the future, with monthly payments.

– Tracy Anderson

Erin is so much more than a mortgage consultant. Yes, she nails all the mortgage details, but she also looks at the big financial picture. Does 3% more down really benefit you in a monthly payment versus that same sum applied to credit card debt? Erin makes the ridiculous world of credit scores, financing, terms, etc. much easier to understand. Hard to imagine a better partner through a hectic process than Erin!

– Tim Brunelle

“We've worked with Erin for more than 10 years now, on closing our initial house offer and now through two re-finances. She's always so professional, transparent, open to questions, and so quick! 5/5 stars!”

– Kathryn Green