To start the process for a mortgage or pre-approval, schedule your first phone session with Erin Kline here. She’ll ask the right questions to efficiently set the process in motion.

If you are considering a refinance option on your property, please fill out our Refinance Analysis Form. Erin will get back to you with her analysis and recommendation for next steps.

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Refinance Analysis Form

To get started with a Refinance, provide your data by filling out the form. Erin will conduct a complete analysis for you to review and let you know the next steps.

Refinance Analysis Form

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Mortgage Calculator

Download the mortgage calculator app with its tools and resources.

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Ready to Apply?

If you are confident that you are ready to apply for a mortgage: Apply Now. Or, schedule an intro call with Erin Kline to make sure we’re on the right track.

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Your Checklists

What You Will Need to Apply

  • Current, government-issued photo ID
  • Paycheck stubs (most recent, consecutive 30 days)
  • Bank, investment, and retirement statements—all accounts (most recent, 2 consecutive months)
  • W-2s (most recent 2 years)
  • Federal tax returns (most recent 2 years)
  • Court decrees (if applicable)

What You Will Need at Your Closing

  • Current, government-issued photo ID
  • Funds for your closing (ask your title company what is accepted)
  • Your personal checkbook for any last-minute adjustments

“I highly recommend Erin to anyone and everyone I know. She provides very helpful tools and guidance throughout the home buying process, and never made us feel like we were asking dumb questions. She even agreed to help us with a quick close to make our offer on our house more competitive. I really think that Erin is the best in the business!”

—Rebecca Vogt